** Note : fullscreen doesn't really work in browser since you need to press escape a lot in the game... but since escape also exits fullscreen mode in browser... Whoops !

Thanks for checking out Ultra Modulable Tank Party, my entry for the Extra Game Jam #4 !

Play through 9 levels including 3 tutorial levels and 2 boss fights, connecting batteries to specific modules allowing your tank to adapt and upgrade its abilities. 


While in action :

  • A/D : Move left/right   (for QWERTY users, Q/D will work as well)
  • Space : Jump. Hold while in air to hover if that ability is unlocked (to unlock it, power your jump module up to lv.2)
  • Mouse : Aim.
  • Left Click : Shoot if your gun is activated (to activate it, power your gun frequency module up to lv.1)

While in pause ("Management Menu"):

  • Click & Hold on battery : select battery.
  • Drag to a module while a battery is selected : connect the battery to that module.
  • Click on connected battery : erase the connection from the battery.

Don't worry, it sounds hard with all those module things, but it should make more sense by playing the tutorial. Experimenting is the best way to understand :)

Also, you should note that hovering over a module in the Management Menu highlights its name in the list next to  it. Very useful if you forget which module does what !

Credits :

I used Eeve Somepx's AWESOME font "Softball" (see @somepx /

and Joshua McLean's AMAZING music tracks

(Contains music ©2019 Joshua McLean (
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International)

All of those are under a Creative Commons license. And honestly I was really surprised that such amazing assets are available to everyone for free ! Please go check those guys's works, they all are amazing :D

The game was made with Godot Engine, an amazing open source game engine that you should totally go check out as well !

Now then, please enjoy the game and have fun ! Good luck !

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
GenreAction, Puzzle
Made withAseprite, Godot, Bfxr, GIMP
Tags2D, Side Scroller
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Ultra Modulable Tank Party (Windows).zip 16 MB
Source Godot Project 6 MB


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The game got stuck at the end of the first non-tutorial level, I think I killed an enemy at the same time I hit the flag. Your wall graphics look a bit like our games (Strandy's Adventure) that I made, so that's cool. I kinda like the battery mechanic, turning this into a kind of a puzzle. But I'm not sure how well it fits a game like this; in a shooter like this one, one does not usually want to pause the gameplay like that. But a pretty nice game, would be easy to improve on and get some money from I think.

Thank you very much for your feedback ! It's very appreciated, I'm taking notes 👀


That. Was. AWESOME! Amazing quality, fun gameplay and an interesting concept. I wish this was world one of 10 or something. The only two problems I had was that I thought it may be better to map the menu to E or something, since it did take a little too much time to get to Esc for example when I wanted to dodge a bomb and only had jump on lvl. 1. The second thing is that for some reason the flag didn't show up in lvl. 3 although I did clear out all the enemies. I went to the menu right as I shot the last one, so maybe it has something to do with that? Not being able to aim down is annoying, but makes every encounter more challenging, and forces you to think about every move you make. Anyways I would LOVE to see an updated version of this with more levels, more crazy circuts and more enemies. In case that ever happens, a custom curser would be a nice touch. This is truely impressive one of my favorite games this jam so far!


Woah, thank you so much for the amazing and detailed feedbacks ! Your ideas are really good and will definitely help me ! I'm currently working on the game to try to fix every issue encountered and to add more enemies / levels / bosses, I really feel like this concept has potential. Once again thank you, I hope that the upcoming update will provide you more fun !


Very fun to play and I liked that there was also a tutorial to make everything a little easier to grasp. The retro style and music is fitting and I would love to see more levels :D

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)

Thanks you very much ! I've never heard of those gdwc before but I'll definitely check this out.

That's awesome! :D


I love the animations and the downwell like color scheme. I though you added a very good tutorial. The difficulty curve is just perfect. If you add more levels and maybe more mechanics this could be a great indie game!

Thank you very much ! I would definitely love to turn this into an actual game !


This was a lovely game! The limited palette made your use of color striking and powerful, as well as clearly illustrating dangers. I think making the enemies white instead of red made for better clarity on them not being projectiles, and created a definite moment of surprise when encountering the first hopping enemy. A really cool, clever concept! Definitely smart, well-designed, and thoughtful. :)

Thank you very much ! I'm really glad I went with the 2 colors palette, it helped me a lot in the spriting process since I really suck at art !


Not bad, i really liked it, i liked the graphics a lot and there are a lot of features given the time!

The difficulty felt absolutely fine for me, i went straight for the bosses after the first level and aced both of them, i really liked the small touches like the boss exploding and emitting particles for a bit before dropping down, they're the kind of small things that usually get shafted in a jam. :)

Only complaint is that a keybind to reset all connections would've been quite neat. ;)


Thank you for your feedback ! A shortcut to erase all connections is something I've never thought about. I'll definitely add this feature soon !


The connection mechanic was awesome! The art and gameplay felt amazing along with sounds. My only complaint is the difficulty curve which feels quite good up until the bosses. While the bosses are cool and unique even the ? one after was quite a bit easier than the levels. Overall really amazing! One of my favorites if not my favorite.

Thanks a lot ! Yeah I really screwed up the difficulty of the bosses, I added them at the last minute so there wasn't a lot of playtesting. I'm gonna fix every bug and rebalance the game in an update soon, so you can check it out if you want to test the new difficulty ! Once again thanks for your feedback !


The connection mechanic that lets you to some extent customize where you want your power while also making that a mechanic for platforming is really neat! Impressive work!

Thank you !


Awesome! The connection mechanic is really cool, I had a lot of fun playing with different configurations for my tank. My one quibble was that while drawing connections, moving over the battery didn't "undo" the drawing in the same way that moving backwards did otherwise.

P.S. I didn't think [?#!/%@] was hard enough, so I beat it with 2 tank speed, 2 jump, 1 frequency, 0 cannon speed, 0 cannon power :D

Thanks for your feedback ! I must admit I forgot to erase the connection when your mouse is over the battery due to how clunky the coding is... and I also agree with you on the 2nd boss being too easy, I was afraid of making anything difficult, and I really wanted everyone to be able to play the whole game. I'm working on an update to rebalance evrything and fix all of the bugs (like the weird screen flickering when you shoot). When it's released you can check it out for increased difficulty !

Cool, I will look forward to it! I should have mentioned, it took me several tries and a bit of luck to defeat the second boss with my self-imposed restrictions. I actually really like how the game's base difficulty is very accessible, but there are opportunities to add extra challenge (like using fewer modules) if you want to.


Had a little trouble with the controls using the mouse in my left hand. Aside from that the game played well and was fun. I did find the hovering enemies a bit easy as I could just shoot through the walls at them. Music felt great along with the sound effects giving a nice punch to things. Very nice overall.

Thanks for the feedback ! It's true that I didn't think about using the mouse with the left hand, sorry about that. And for the projectiles... I actually didn't even notice they went through walls since I never bothered to shoot walls in the first place x) that's totally my bad !


I got confused the first time I saw one of the jumping enemies because I didn't realize it was an enemy lol, maybe if it had red eyes it would be more clear? Overall the game was really fun and the music is great!


Thank you ! Although I don't really deserve any credits for the music, it was all the work of Joshua McLean (go check his website out, his work deserves it ! I'm working on extra animations for the enemies so that hopefully they get more lively and noticeable ! Thanks for your feedback !


This game is amazing! In fact with more content (and bosses that forced you to use your tank management system would be cool) I would totally drop 40 bucks on a full release!! The way health managed is a really great touch. Its refreshing to see health managed in more novel ways than just a simple health bar.

Woah ! Thank you very much ! Hearing that really makes me glad ! Don't worry, if I make a full game out of it, it won't cost that much !



Thank you !

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Great game! well thought out, polished, and unique. My only negative feedback would be that the weapon upgrade icons are too similar looking, but that is quite minor, and made up for since hovering over them highlights what they are for.

Thank you very much ! Yeah, I'm nor really good at spriting and I didn't know how to properly make the sprites both unique and respresentative of its function. I would have liked to use more colors, but I really wanted to stay on this 2 colors only palette...


This game is really good and the concept has a lot of potential. I also love the feel of the level 1 jump.


Thank you !


Fantastic game. I had a ton of fun playing it. thanks! 

No, thanks to you for playing it ! I'm really glad you had fun !


Nice concept, just interesting why tank and not robot for such power/connect system :)

(1 edit)

Well thanks ! I picked a tank over a robot because I'm a terrible spriter... I wanted to make it a humanoid robot at first, but decided to change to a tank after many failed attempts !