Thanks for checking out this prototype ! It's basically Pong where you can charge a powerful curve shot. There currently only is a 1-player mode with 4 different difficulty levels, and a 2 players mode with kinda clunky controls.

1 Player Mode
MoveUp / Down Arrow
Left Stick
ChargeSpace Bar
A button

2 Players Mode

MoveW / S
8 / 2 (Numpad)
ChargeC. (Numpad)

(You can play with 2 controllers as well. Please suggest new controls if you have trouble with those, but you can still change them in the downloadable version.)

Hold the charge button until a circle appears around your bar, then release it while holding a direction to dash ! Dash into the ball to give it a powerful curve effect. And... that's about it for the moment... The rest is classic Pong, so please have fun !


Pong Thing Prototype V0.2 (Windows).zip 20 MB

Development log


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This is fun, I love extra twists on old classics! Nice flashy presentation too! I finally managed to win after quite a few tries. :)

Is there a way to back out of the "How to play" screen? I couldn't figure it out!

Thanks ! Actually you just need to press escape to exit the how to play screen but I totally forgot to put a text to indicate that, oops ^^'