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Are you ready to make the Great Lord of Evilness your best friend ?

The Great Lord of Evilness has ruled this land in the fear and despair for far too long. Today is the day his reign stops ! Go, Hero, and free this land from his tyranny ! Go and defeat BEFRIEND him, to convince him to stop thanks to the power of friendship and love !

How to make friends :

  • Use WASD / ZQSD to move ! Aim with your mouse (well you probably already knew about this) ! Jump with the spacebar !
  • Hold the right mouse button to vacuum ! Your LOVBLASTER3000 automatically converts negative energy into love energy.
  • Once you've vacuumed (?) enough negative energy, your LOVBLASTER3000 will surcharge in love, and you won't be able to vacuum anymore. Press the left mouse button to expulse all this love to your future BFF ! 

Features :

This game is basically a boss fight with 5 phases ! If you manage to successfully befriend the Great Lord of Evilness, you'll unlock the Hardcore Mode ! Be ready for some hardcore "befriendage" right there.

Tips :

You should try to play the game at least once before reading this part.

The Great Lord of Evilness has a head, a body and a hand. 

  • His head will shoot projectiles at you. You need to vacuum three of them to be able to shoot love one time. (You won't be able to vacuum until you shoot !)
  • His body will slam the ground to create fire barriers that you can avoid by jumping over them.
  • His hand will chase you and slam the ground to create fire pillars that will explode two seconds after they appeared. Touching the hand can also cause damage to you.

To befriend to future friend, you need to aim for his head ! Don't bother trying to shoot love at his body or his hand, it won't have any effect. Oh yeah, and your health bar is displayed on your LOVBLASTER3000, it's the red bar with the small moving dot on it ! At the end of each phase, a health pickup will be dropped.


This game was made using the Godot Engine. I used Magicavoxel, Bfxr / Sfxr and GIMP for the models / sounds / textures. The music was made by Patrick de Arteaga (https://patrickdearteaga.com/).

This game was made for #7dfps. Have fun playing !

Install instructions

Just extract and launch the exe to have fun (I hope) !

Please leave a comment if you want to, it greatly helps !


evil_my_friend.zip 12 MB


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omg this is so cute, it took me probably an hour of trying to complete it!! thank you!

Thanks for the kind words ! I'm glad you liked it !