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UPDATE : fixed a mistake in the level design that prevented the player from completing Stage 12.

Thank you for playing this game ! 

This is a submission for the Weekly Game Jam 160 ; The game was made in 7 days with the theme "Nothing Lasts Forever".  It was a personal challenge as well : I wanted to reproduce the NES aesthetic as much as I could, and it was also my first time using LÖVE2D !


- Move : Arrow Keys
- Use item : C
- Cancel : X
- Select item : Left Shift
- Retry : R


- This game is turn based. After the player acts, all of the enemies on screen will move.

- The following turn after a player moves from a spot, that spot will turn into a void tile : enemies can't get past them, and the player will take damage for each turn spent on them.

- The player can collect and use different items. Once you obtained an item, cycle through your inventory with left shift and press c to use it. You then will be prompted the direction in which to use the item. Select it with the arrow keys, and press c to confirm or x to cancel.

- Items have a certain durability. After using them too many times, they will break and become unusable.

- You will probably need to reset the room at some point... Press R to do so !

- There is no penalty for dying, so feel free to experiment !


There are no sounds yet, and very few animations... I apologize for that ! It was my first time using something else than a GUI-based game engine like Godot and Unity, so I had a lot of trouble implementing things that were supposed to be easy to add.


a-fading-world-win64.zip 4 MB

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