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Nice job, I had a lot of fun! I like your interpretation of the theme, and I was impressed by how many variations you came up with for the game mechanics. 

Just so you know the webgl version bugs out and flashes white repeatedly. Amazing Game! This game along with the style is amazing! Your modular tanks game was my favorite entry to the extra-credits jam and this game, the one jump ninja is shaping up to be my favorite in this jam to! 

If you don't mind me asking, how much programming experience do you have? Also, how do you come up with good ideas like this one, that have a good scope?

Oh hey it's you ! Hi again ! Thank you ! That's strange though, it doesn't flash white for me, although I think it's a common downside to Godot's web exportations. However the particles seem to be broken on the web build...

Programming is just a hobby that I started about 3 years ago, just to make games. I learned the basics with Brackeys' videos, and then I tried some stuff by myself in Unity for basically the following 2 years : I must have created something like 30 unfinished prototypes during this period, each one more broken than the last one :)

But ultimately I started participating in jams last year and I think that's where I got the most experience from. As for finding ideas, well this was surprisingly hard for this jam, probably the hardest it has ever been for me yet... I try to find a mechanic that sounds fun in my head, then thinking about what stuff could make it more fun or could combo well with the mechanic. So here, my core mechanic was having only 1 jump and 1 shuriken, and for example, the wall-climbing mechanic was introduced because having only one jump would make moving in the level more of a chore than anything else.

Hope this helped you !

the html5 version also flashed for me, and I couldn't jump. only then I found there was also a downloadable version. I'd say just keep that. 

the game is good! got more creative than I thought. smoot tutorial, nice use of the shurikens and cool touch with the red legs. 

Thank you ! This may be an issue that occurs with a certain type of graphics card, although I'm not sure at all. Seems like it's something that comes from the engine itself...